IT refers to the use of technology, be it hardware or software, for data processing, business solutions & day-to-day functioning of companies.

In India & globally, the IT industry is large & continuously growing. The IT-BPO industry is poised to grow in terms of industry revenues to USD 225 billion by 2020*. The IT services sector is growing at a rate of 18% to touch Rs. 589 billion in revenues* during 2012-13.


Every industry depends on IT - banking, financial services, retail, media, pharma, automobile, manufacturing, telecom, hospitality etc. Technology & software solutions have become a part of all companies - Government bodies, startup firms and small & medium enterprises.

Newly emerging trends & technologies like cloud computing, mobile applications, social media & data analytics give rise to new opportunities in this sector. According to the NASSCOM Strategic Review 2012, there is going to be a need for around 110 lakh skilled professionals during 2012-13.

job in the industry
  • IT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian industry, contributing nearly 7.5% to India's GDP*
  • According to NASSCOM HR Summit 2010, IT & BPO sector are set to add 30 million new jobs by 2020.
  • IT jobs are well-paying and in demand around the world.
  • IT Job roles are expected to grow as newer & advanced technologies come up
  • There are number of career options for different people - right from data entry operation to designing Powerpoint presentations to building mobile applications

Role of IT in industry

BFSI (Banking & Financial Services industry):

I.T. is used in the BFS industry for:
  • Computerising Branch Networks
  • Installing ATM Networks
  • Systems (handling debit/credit cards)
  • Enabling Internet Banking
  • Office Automation (in case of insurance)
  • Managing Customer Relationships
  • Processing Mortgage Loans

Health care:

I.T. is used in the HealthCare industry for:
  • Processing Information
  • Cataloguing Patient History & Records
  • Hospital Management
  • Managing Billing & Insurance
  • Coordinating Inventory
  • Managing Logistics


I.T. is used in the Airlines industry for:
  • Enhancing Passenger Service
  • Coordinating Airport Operations
  • Keeping track of Airline Cargo & Logistics
  • Managing Fuel (oil & gas) Logistics
  • Coordinating Flight Operations


I.T. is used in the manufacturing industry for:
  • Adhering to W.T.O. Norms
  • Managing Suppliers, Sub-contractors and Distribution
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency
  • Increasing Capital Productivity
  • Reducing Fixed & Variable Costs
  • Understanding Shrinking Product Life-cycles
  • Mass Customisation of Products
*Source : Nasscom Strategic Review 2012

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