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Courses for 10+2/College Students


ACCP Pro is a career program created to make you an industry-ready professional in the field of programming techniques and in-demand technologies & enhance your skill sets.

The curriculum is designed by industry experts, keeping in mind the latest demands & requirements of the IT industry. ACCP Pro provides multiple certifications in Microsoft & Oracle, giving you the professional edge to kick start your career in the global IT industry.

The program is divided into 2 terms:

Term 1: Fundamentals in programming

Term 2: A specialization track selected by the student
Mircosoft .net | Java EE

Course Highlights:

  • Onlinevarsity - A collaborative cloud-based learning platform for our students that provides access to study material, e-books, reference material, video tutorials, chats with experts & more
  • Leads to global certification exams in Microsoft & Oracle
  • Strong focus on programming techniques & coding
  • In-demand industry technologies like:
    • Mobile app development - Windows/Android
    • Big data
    • Cloud computing
    • Oracle 11g
    • Java SE7
    • Visual Studio 2013

Course covers:

Term 1

  • Programming principles & techniques
  • Programming with C
  • Building next-generation websites
  • Markup language
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Database management
  • OOP concepts
  • Project -website development

Term 2A - (Specialization 1 – Microsoft .NET)

  • Data structures using C
  • Programming with C#
  • Developing Windows store apps using C#
  • Developing advanced Windows store apps using C#
  • IT ethics
  • Working with cloud platform services
  • Agile system development life cycle for software projects
  • Developing ASP.NET web applications
  • Developing applications using Windows Azure and web services
  • Securing web applications
  • Introduction to big data
  • Developing ASP.NET AJAX applications
  • Developing mobile applications using Windows phone
  • Overview of Java EE
  • Project (Enterprise application development)

Term 2B - (Specialization 2 - Java EE)

  • Data structures using C
  • Managing data using Oracle
  • Fundamentals of Java
  • Object-oriented programming with Java
  • Distributed programming in Java
  • Database programming in Java
  • IT ethics
  • Web component development using Servlets and JSP
  • Developing mobile applications using Google Android
  • Working with cloud platform services
  • Agile system development life cycle for software projects
  • Architecting web applications using JSF and Struts
  • Developing AJAX applications using Java
  • Developing enterprise applications with EJB
  • Developing Java web services
  • Securing web applications
  • Introduction to big data
  • Project (Enterprise application development)



Course Duration:

ACCP Pro is a 30-month course. The duration is flexible and depends upon the specialization chosen & the number of sessions held per week. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day or 3/4/6 days a week.

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Onlinevarsity - your e-way to learningAptech provides the new way of learning for all its students! Onlinevarsity is Aptech's collaborative cloud-based learning platform that provides free access to all course-related study material. In addition, students can be a part of an online community and interact with industry experts 24X7.

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Facts about the IT Industry

  • Revenue of US $13-14 billion by 2015
  • E-commerce to create at least 150,000 additional jobs
  • IT & BPO sector to add 30 million new jobs by 2020

*Source: NASSCOM

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