Courses for IT Students & IT Engineers

Courses for IT Students & IT Engineers


DCA is designed to build a strong foundation in programming, using object-oriented programming languages like Java and C#. It helps to develop skills in web page designing using HTML and JavaScript.

Course Highlights:

  • Self-paced learning opportunity
  • Exposure to Cloud Computing
  • Emphasis on coding and source code documentation standards
  • Focus on programming logic
  • Latest technologies from Microsoft and Oracle

Course covers:

  • Office Automation
  • Internet for You
  • Building Dynamic Websites
  • Elementary Programming in C
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • RDBMS and Data Management
  • Programming with C#
  • Learn Java by Example
  • A Guide to Advanced Java
  • Distributed Computing in Java
  • Working with Database and Security in Java
  • Project (Java)


*Available at specified Aptech Computer Education centres only

Course Duration:

396 Hours

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